Super Resolution Microscopy hidden cell structures

Detection of hidden structures trough label-free localisation microscopy SPDM

First description of 50 nm optical resolution of cellular structures in label-free cells:


Interestingly SPDM revealed cellular objects not detectable under conventional light microscopy


Comprehensive studies published in Micron, 2010: The paper describes for the first time that optical resolution of cellular structures in the lamda/10 range (about 50 nm) can be achieved even in label-free cells using the localization microscopy SPDM (Spectral Precision Distance/Position Determination Microscopy).


Beside a substantial resolution improvement of autofluorescent structures, SPDM revealed cellular objects with are not detectable under conventional fluorescence imaging conditions.




Rainer Kaufmann, Patrick Müller, Michael Hausmann, Christoph Cremer: Imaging label-free intracellular structures by localisation microscopy. Micron (2010)