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Single virus detection with our patented technology

Super Resolution Microscopy

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Individual virus detection is possible with our super resolution light microscopy - as a cost-effective & sensitive technology for routine use


Localization microscopy (super resolution microscopy)  of individual influenza viruses (H1N1) at the membrane of a lung cell (A549) (left), electron microscopy publications confirm the estimated size (right),  see publication


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2019 IMB Conference: Chromosome Territories & Nuclear Architecture

30 October - 1 November 2019


A fundamental property of genomes is their topological organisation in the 3D space of the cell nucleus. Methodological advances in microscopy and genomics have paved new ways for studying the genome architecture at unprecedented spatial resolution. Emerging evidence has uncovered basic principles of genome organisation and pointed to its key roles in gene expression, genome maintenance and human disease, yet, the genome structure-to-function relationship remains elusive.

This three-day conference will bring together experts focusing on: (i) the mechanistic basis of chromatin interactions and structure, (ii) the recent advances in modeling chromosome organization and dynamics, and (iii) the contribution of nuclear organisation in health and disease. 

The event will celebrate the 75th birthday of Christoph Cremer, a pioneer of super-resolution microscopy, and it will honor his long and distinguished career.

To register for the conference, please click at registration

Cambridge 2019

Keynote speakers

Christoph Cremer, Heidelberg

Rainer Heintzmann, Jena



FOM 2019


Towards Lens Free Super-Resolution Microscopy at Large Working Distances [PDF Abstract]
C. Cremer (Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Germany)



Patterned Illumination Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (Pismlm): User Defined Blinking Regions of Interest  [PDF Abstract]
S.Y. Chen, F. Bestvater, W. Schaufler, M. Gelleri, R. Heintzmann, C. Cremer (Institute of Molecular Biology, Germany)


Graphene-Based Dyes as Stable, High-Brightness Probes for Super-Resolution Microscopy  [PDF Abstract]
X. Liu, S.Y. Chen, S. Parekh, Q. Chen, M. Gelleri, S. Ritz, S. Kumar, C. Cremer, K. Landfester, K. Müllen, A. Narita, M. Bonn (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany)



Low Resolution Is Often Sufficient  [PDF Abstract]
F. Schock, J. Neumann, M. Gelleri, C. Cremer (Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Mainz, Germany)



Focus on Microscopy 2019
April 14-17, 2019
London, United Kingdom


Structured Illumination Microscopy in 2D and 3D Cell Assemblies  [PDF Abstract]
H. Schneckenburger, V. Richter, M. Piper, M. Wagner, C. Cremer (Aalen University, Germany)


Advanced Fbalm Imaging of Nuclear Nanostructures by Automated Buffer Exchange  [PDF Abstract]
F. Schreiber, S.-Y. Chen, C. Cremer, M. Gelléri (Institute of Molecular Biology, Germany)



Localization Analyzer for Nanoscale Distributions (Land): a Software Tool for Spatial Point Pattern Analysis of Localization Microscopy Data  [PDF Abstract]
J. Neumann, A. Gourram, M. Gelléri, S.-Y. Chen, A. Szczurek, U. Birk, K. Lucas, U. Pöschl, C. Cremer (Max Planck Institute for Chemistry (MPIC), Germany)



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